Design, Mobile shop-in-shop systems, Retail counters & kiosks, Shop stands, Presentation shelving, Mobile showcases & counter design, Retail & shop fixtures, Visual merchandising, Shop design, On-site customizable solutions

Individually designed mobile shopfitting & retail systems - shop-in-shop kiosks, retail stands, showcases, counters, tables, shelves, furniture, lighting etc. Modular approach ensures great flexibility and transformation possibilities. Patented locking system enables fast and easy setup and dismantling. Ever developing set of profiles and components ensures endless possibilities of future development of any stand and system

Counters Shop Furniture Systems Etageres Retail Displays Design 2012
Mobile bespoke design shopping counters, etageres with round shelves, curved and waveform tables.
Shop In Shop Systems Design Retail Kiosks Mobile Store Stands 2012
Special design shop-in-shop kiosk solutions and systems for creation of autonomous shopping spaces and retail units.
Shopfitting Systems Stands Presentation Displays Retail Design 2012
Bespoke design shopfitting stands and shelving units, mobile hard wearing drawers, product demonstration lightboxes.
Showcases Exposition Design Systems Shopfitting Retail Stands 2012
Individual design retail exposition showcases and glass shelving solutions with LED lighting.
Showcases Shopfitting Design Systems Retail Shelving Stands 2012
Bespoke design shopfitting showcases and shelving solutions, product showcases, inner LED lighting.

Mobile shop-in-shop kiosks, stands, showcases, shelves & furniture for shops, malls, retail stores, product expositions & presentations in hotels, restaurants, airports, stations and any other public events or spaces, Octanorm Riga Latvia Baltic, European manufacturer

Advertising & Presentation Systems - Stands, Displays, Poster-Walls, Pylons & Totems, LightBoxes & Frames
Exhibition & Conference Stands, Booths, Displays, Furniture, Showcases, Mobile Event and Presentation Systems
Information & Advertising Stands, Displays, Kiosks, Video Web TV Racks, Literature Dispensers, Pylons, Poster Holders
Latvian Design Center

Shelves, Showcases, Glass Counters, Mobile Shelving Systems, Portable Furniture, Presentation Stands and Vitrines
Barriers Belt, Rope & Post, Retractable Crowd Control, Public Guidance & Queuing Systems

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